My Journey

I am Karolina, a ceramic designer, and I have travelled across half of Europe to discover, investigate, and experiment with this plastic art that is ceramics. Now you can find me in my new studio in Modena.

My works are characterised by a modern spirit combined with a knowledge of materials and artisanal traditions. I graduated from the Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw, Poland, specialising in "Art and Design in Ceramics" (2010/15), a rigorous school that provided me with a strong theoretical foundation, focusing on design and realisation. I also studied as part of a scholarship program at the Higher Institute for Artistic Industries, Faenza, Italy.
ritratto di karolina bednorz nel suo studio



I have participated in numerous internships and projects such as Art Food (2014) with Ćmielów Design Studio and the International Symposium of Ceramic Trends at Porcelain Factory Sargadelos, Spain (2013). I collaborated with the oldest European porcelain factory, Staatliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Meissen GmbH, Germany (2017), where I learned about manufacturing on a larger scale. I worked as a designer in residence with the Portuguese porcelain factory Vista Alegre (2019), a young and dynamic space that allowed me to experiment and understand the rhythms of the market. I won the International Tile Award "Cevisama Lab Ceramic Design" in Valencia, Spain (2013). In 2017, I won a competition for young designers, researchers, producers, and artists called "Future Lights in Ceramics," organised as part of the European program "Ceramics and its Dimensions." My works have been exhibited in shows such as "London Design Week" (2014, 2015), "Ambiente Show" (2017, Frankfurt, Germany), and the travelling exhibition "Shaping the Future" (2017-18), which was presented in Germany, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, and Finland.

Interview for Meissen Manufacture: