Karolina Bednorz Ceramics

One of a kind, my contemporary design is inspired by the similarities between natural processes and the capricious properties of clay.

I opened my studio in Modena in 2018. Here I create by hand with great care for all my products. Combining the utility and beauty of this naturally sourced material, my designs are the representation of modern European culture and its way of life.


Handcrafted, original, sensational! 

My collections evoke a sense of harmony and appreciation for the creative process. 

Fortunately, the artful craftsmanship of an unique forms add a special touch to your everyday lives, making each moment a little more extraordinary.

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Ceramic Experiences

Ceramic Experiences

Customised ceramics courses! Courses can be a gift for a loved one... 

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  • “Beautiful, elegant, carefully crafted products, very nice packaging and super-fast delivery! An overall great experience."

    - Costantin

  • "They immediately became the most beautiful porcelain cups in my kitchen. They are unique pieces with beautiful colours and modern design, made with quality raw materials."

    - Ilaria

  • “Flawless shipment! The products are really excellent, well made and with a very fine taste, very stylish. Highly recommended!”

    - Davide

  • "Unique pieces, which stand out for their conceptual clarity and quality of realisation."

    - Paola

  • “Karolina's creations have the perfect balance between precise technique and creativity. Her fresh and contemporary style is what it takes to make any room more cheerful.

    - Elena

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