Ambiente Show 2017

Summary of our presence at Ambiente Show 2017 in Frankfurt am Main, which took part between February 10th-14th 2017, Hall 4.2 Booth FOY07 registered under our main organizer Porzellanikon – Staatliches Museum für Porzellan, and we were sponsored, among others, by Meissen.

I was there together exhibiting with these fantastic designers: Rhiannon Ewing-James (UK/Northern Ireland), Sabrina Vasulka (Argentina/UK), Maria Juchnowska (Poland/Norway), Monika Muller (Switzerland/UK), Wendy Ward (Northern Ireland), because we won an international “Future Lights” Competition, a part of a huge UE project called “Ceramics and it’s Dimensions”

It was HUGE, far bigger from what I was imagining. Lot of inspirations and ideas, what’s more, super support from the group for the next moves. I loved how it was easy to see and talk directly about ceramics and products, with people who knew everything about them – so less tiring and more fun than stalking websites… Thanks to all those people who appreciated my works, to my new collaborators! What a power to continue what I started, thanks!

Our works:

Some inspirations found at others pavilions:

Winning Future Lights Competition

I’m very happy to announce that I had been chosen as a winner for the International “Future Lights” Competition and to receive a title of an Ambassador for European Ceramics. The competition is a part of a huge UE project called “Ceramics and it’s Dimensions”
Thanks to that I will be exhibiting at the Ambiente trade Fair in Frankfurt am Main, February 10th-14th 2017, Hall 4.2 Booth FOY07 registered under main organizer Porzellanikon – Staatliches Museum für Porzellan. I will be exhibiting with these fantastic designers: Rhiannon Ewing-James (Northern Ireland), Sabrina Vasulka (Argentina/UK), Maria Juchnowska (Poland/Norway), Monika Muller (Switzerland/UK), Wendy Ward (Northern Ireland).

I am supper excited and at the same time, still I cannot believe this! For sure I feel motivated to create more ceramics, just wait!

Official announcement LINK, the biggest medium to promote polish culture abroad, made a news about Future Lights polish winners: me and Maria Juchnowska! LINK

Shaping the Future – exhibitions

During the Future Lights meeting in Fiskars, we had a chance to participate in the opening of “Shaping the Future” exhibition, curated by Finnish artist Riikka Latva-Somppi, under “Ceramics and its Dimensions” EU programme, concentrated on future of ceramics by exploring new techniques and rethinking materials. The part of the exhibition was made during the Shaping the Future workshop held in the spring 2016 at the KAHLA Porcelain factory and which concentrated on design, education, the 3D printing in clay and food culture.

Ceramics and its Dimensions: Shaping the Future is part of the European Ceramics and its Dimensions project, which examines the change that has occurred in the European ceramics traditions during the last three hundred years. The Shaping the Future sub-project focuses on the future possibilities of the material. The sub-project is led by the Aalto University, School of Art, Design and Architecture, Department of Design (Helsinki, Finland) and the three other partner schools are University of Ulster, Belfast campus (Belfast, Northern Ireland), Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee (Berlin, Germany) and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Copenhagen, Denmark). After the first exhibition in Fiskars the Ceramics and its Dimensions: Shaping the Future exhibition will travel to six different cities in Europe: Selb, Belfast, Stoke-on-Trent, Berlin, Ljubljana and in the end of 2018 Prague.

The artist duo Melodic Scribe from Berlin, Germany performed at the exhibition opening in Fiskars. After their performance, the opening guests could join the performance.

For me it was full of inspirations and discoveries how varied can be the approach towards the same material. Amazing!

Official website for the exhibition and its project LINK

Future Lights Ceramic Competition in Finland

On the beginning of November I had taken part in an amazing meeting held in Fiskars Village, Finland.
The purpose of this party was: for 18 invited participants from the whole Europe (as me) to presents themselves while for the dignitary judges to find 6 young ambassadors of European ceramics for 2016/2017.
So I presented my activities in ceramics, especially my projects which connects the tradition with the modern ways of productions (which is the main theme for this year edition of the competition). I was soooo nervous! I also brought with me to show 3 of my Tri-Angles cups.
It was completely beautiful, not only by the scene of Finnish small village covered with snow, but mostly for meeting so many people burning with the same passion for ceramics. I think it was for me a life changing experience.

If you wonder, as me, why we were invited to distant Fiskars? Well, the village was a centre of birth of Fiskars brand some like 200 years ago, and today it is a beautiful centre for craftsmen and artists. It’s cool

The Future Lights Ceramics Competition LINK  is a part of European Programme of “Ceramics and its dimensions”.  LINK

My article about “Provoked Clay”

In march I wrote this little article about the “Provoked Clay” Bologna’s exhibition, which, as a part of Carlo Zauli Museum staff, I prepared. I send it to the polish bimonthly journal called “Szkło i Ceramika” (Glass and Ceramic), and yesterday I receive the copy of it (thanks mum!).

It was really a good experience of finding the best expressions and compressing my three A4 pages of notes to demanded numbers of words. I’m really gratitude about this, finding my words on a paper was one of my dreams, and I’m excited to look for another topic. Continue reading

Free D Exhibit

Free D Exhibit, presenting the jewellery design made during the special course link by paper porcelain and 3D print, during amazing  weekend of Cena Itinerante, Faenza, Italy.

Thanks to Cristina D’Alberto, Federica Patuelli, Bianca Maria Canepa, for showing my design.

Fb event link

Place “Tuiù – valorizza il tuo spazio”  link

My jewellery design "Equality"
My jewellery design “Equality”

Preparing the exhibition “Terra Provocata”

A look into the ours preparations of an exhibition Terra provocataMy week of moving, painting and caring, experience of press release and photo documentation of the exhibition opening. My great experience of learning about creation of big exhibitions.

The exhibition Terra provocata. Perception of the material and concept in the material takes origin from this dialogue between Art and Ceramics. It is promoted by Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna in collaboration with Istituzione Bologna Musei/Museo Civico Medievale and Museo Carlo Zauli in Faenza and is curated by Matteo Zauli and Guido Molinari. January 24th – March 20th 2016, Bologna 

Photos from opening on fb of Museo Carlo Zauli link

Exhibition catalogue available here

FabLab Faenza and me

FabLab Faenza is a open place, run by group young designers, where it’s possible to work over own designs. Especially, they are interested in 3d printers, and their headquarters is next to the Museo Carlo Zauli, where I work, So I thought, ” why not to try and make a 3d printed model?”

For the good start, I decided to find out if different proportions would be better to produce and to use my aloe cup. Printing the model was ok. Then, while creating the molds from the 3d printed models, I thought that working with plaster is easier. The lined surface had to be polish with some toxic resin and then polish by hand, so it would be smooth and easy to take the mold out. I invented to use the plasticine for that, but still, it gives not perfect results. Well, good that they working on developing a 3d printer for ceramics.

FabLab Faenza website link

Finissage of Jonathan Monk Claymation

Two months after opening, the finissage of Clamation with presentation of the catalogue. Exhibition, which weekly I was giving a guidance tour to visiting guests, and catalogue in which were use my photos! On the event, the student’s of curator course prepared videos about Carlo Zauli works presented in the museum. I also helped in display of Museum’s leaflets prepared by students of Fine Art Academy of Bologna.