Sneak peak on the process of making LOOP earrings

Sneak peak on the process of making LOOP earrings

porcelain earrings

I start with well mixed porcelain. I mix it in hands couple of times and I add drops of water if it turns a bit dry. The right consistency is really important! Otherwise it gets too sloppy to work with or too dry to modellate. The porcelain makes a lot of white dust and by the end of work I have to clean everything around.

I make a uniform coil. It takes me first coils to get the right thickness of them, so I repeat them until I get them right.

I measure and cut the coil in uniform size using my favourite wooden ruler ❤️. It took me time to understand how long it should be for the right size of the earrings.

I bend the coils into circles and glue the ends with slip porcelain. This has to be quick so the coils don't dry too much in open air - if they do, they break while bending. I use my little finger to make the connection uniform and then apply bit of slip with brush to smooth them.

Even as I aim for the most uniform size and shape, each one is different and unique. When they are dry I work with sponge and water to retouch them before it's firings.

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