Postcards from Your Inner Self

Postcards from Your Inner Self

Postcards from Your Inner Self
Unleash the voice of your inner self in this intuitive collage workshop.
We will harness the power of intuitive photomontage and instinctive writing to craft graphic messages that reflect the profound essence of our /being. Embark on a guided journey, commencing with a brief meditation to tap into your creative depths. 
Get ready to delve deeper into self-awareness as you uncover hidden wisdom, gain clarity, and connect with the often-overlooked voices that lie beneath the surface.
Friday, 23th June, 19.00 - 21.00
30€, aperitivo included


Lena Milosevic is a multifaceted individual, encompassing the roles of artist, bodyworker, bioenergy healer, yoga and meditation teacher, massage practitioner, and holistic coach. Her lifelong curiosity lies in the intricate interplay between the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Through her transformative work, she empowers and inspires women to (re)connect with their inner truth, embracing their authentic nature and purpose.
Lena embodies contrasts, embodying the soul of a nomad while maintaining a deep sense of rootedness. She effortlessly balances her artistic and analytical inclinations, simultaneously being a devoted mother of three. Her profound spirituality is harmoniously intertwined with her MBA background. She finds joy in witnessing and cultivating beauty in the world, recognizing that the essence of humanity is an integral part of this pursuit.


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