Dreaming Lab

Dreaming Lab


I have an exciting workshop coming up on March 24th!

I'll be teaming up with a Gestalt art therapist Elisabetta Lugari and her project ALMA, to offer a workshop that combines the therapeutic benefits of working with clay with the healing power of art therapy.

I'm really looking forward to this collaboration and I hope you'll consider joining us.



Dreaming Lab

We'll work for our desires and unexpressed dreams through our inner intuition, our writing and our sense of touch.

We'll do it by removing our perception of sight, in order to boost and to give voice to what we're struggling to express.


Friday, 24 February, 19.00 - 21.00


25€, aperitivo included


Elisabetta Lugari loves to travel, is passionate about creativity, unexpressed dreams, and anything that can evoke emotions.
She roamed from Communication and Photography until she found her way into the world of Fashion. However she decided to venture out for dinner with Gestalt, which had caught her eye for some time. It was love at first sight, and after three years, she graduated from the Institute Gestalt Art Therapy.

Currently, she leads workshops in Modena and throughout Italy through her personal project, ALMA, whichstands for "Anima La Mente Artistica" or "Animate your creative mind."


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