The winner eats it all

Very boring family dinner and just food around You? Take two different snacks (e.g. cookies, cherries) and play with Your table-neighbour!

This is a porcelain square plate with hand painted Tick-Tack-Toe game on it.

It’s combining modern shape and an joyful decor. You can use it with nuts, fruits or little pastries as a starter dish, while waiting for another course or with sweets as a dessert. I invented the plate while attending family dinner.

This original design bring smile and play to table. It is a refreshing change in dinning. High craftsmanship and originality of this unique tableware is a great gift for you or someone special.

Dimensions: 12,5×12,5×1 cm (4.9×4.9×0.4’’)

· For everyday use
· Dishwasher and microwave safe
· Surface patter is permanent
· Porcelain is extremely resistant

I use German porcelain which I mix myself. I hand paint lines using ceramics pigments on raw glaze, then fire at high temperature 2282 degrees Fahrenheit (1250 Celsius). I paint my personal signature on all the pieces. I hope you can feel all the dedication and affection that I have used designing and crafting these plates.