Triangle Porcelain Mug

This is a porcelain cup with a triangular base and a triangular pattern.

It’s combining modern shape and an emotional pattern of decoration. The pattern is inspired by works of Gio Ponti, an italian designer and architect.

Dimensions: (11,5 cm (4.5”) high
It holds 370ml (12.5 oz)

· For everyday use for coffee and tea
· Dishwasher and microwave safe
· Surface patter is permanent
· Porcelain is extremely resistant

I use German porcelain which I mix myself. I manually apply stamps to create surface pattern on raw glaze, then fire at high temperature 2282 degrees Fahrenheit (1250 Celsius), thanks to which an uncommon watercolor effect is created on the glaze. I paint my personal signature on all the pieces. I hope you can feel all the dedication and affection that I have used designing and crafting these mugs.

“Tri-Angle” is my designer series of hand-casted porcelain tableware with a triangular base and a triangular pattern. The project started with a tea mug, with time transformed to a full series to reach any kind of beverages needs.

“Landscape” Pattern

The inspiration comes from looking at the landscape of roofs and hills and thinking about a place for yourself.