Ceramic Materials and Techniques Library

Master’s design project:  “Material Library – exposition system dedicated to design faculties in artistic colleges

Writing part of thesis: “Material Library. The idea of creating a system for didactics needs”

In the written part, I analyse existing materials libraries, which are a contemporary collections of traditional and innovative materials that may be used to create new products. These libraries operate as a commercial companies or as a learning centres. Also, I consider the way of the presenting ceramic materials and techniques based on existing exhibitions and also on my own work experiences with ceramic .
Next, I use the discovered information to create  the best system presenting ceramic materials and techniques for the students’ needs in their school projects and further works in space of Deparment of Ceramic, Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław.

The system focuses on the process of creating ceramic objects, from the design, to selection and preparation of the clays, way of modelling, firing in kilns, applying glazes or decorations. The basic element of the system are four types of ceramic probes: kinds of clay, results of different firing, glazes and decorations. The project completes the form which enable to describe chosen object by purpose (art/utility), used materials and techniques. Fields in the form correspond to specific chapters in the library, which allows to associate the object with the information contained in the Library.


Promoter:  Prof. Nadzw. Gabriel Palowski, as. arch. Daria Kieżun, Ceramic in Architecture Studio, E. Geppert Academy of Art and Design, Wrocław, Poland, 2015


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