Aloe Bianca



Food is not just found in front of you on a plate. It can be found on trees and plants where you collect it and eat it straight away while talking with relatives. The memory of lifted hands reaching for berries, plums and cherries is the main inspiration for my project.

The designed porcelain vessel is modular: place one module over another and it presents a vertical construction which shape is inspired by aloe plant. The construction is inviting the human hands to reach for the food, as a main hub on a table for buffets or casual parties. Placing vessels separately, as a random composition, can be read as a ceramic meadow.

The dual-chamber vessel allow for creativity: to dip food from cub in the sauce from the leaf or vice versa. The grooves on the leaves can be used as a place for small foods on-a-stick.

Dimensions: 8,5cm x 16cm x 11 cm

Project developed during “ArtFood2014”, powered by

Art Food 2014 project – a new ware to enjoy eating.

3 weeks of residency at Ćmielów Design Studio with students from Wrocław Academy of Fine Art and Design in Wrocław, Central Saint Martins College in London, Pratt Institute in New York.