My article about “Provoked Clay”

In march I wrote this little article about the “Provoked Clay” Bologna’s exhibition, which, as a part of Carlo Zauli Museum staff, I prepared. I send it to the polish bimonthly journal called “Szkło i Ceramika” (Glass and Ceramic), and yesterday I receive the copy of it (thanks mum!).

It was really a good experience of finding the best expressions and compressing my three A4 pages of notes to demanded numbers of words. I’m really gratitude about this, finding my words on a paper was one of my dreams, and I’m excited to look for another topic. Continue reading


Free D Exhibit

Free D Exhibit, presenting the jewellery design made during the special course link by paper porcelain and 3D print, during amazing  weekend of Cena Itinerante, Faenza, Italy.

Thanks to Cristina D’Alberto, Federica Patuelli, Bianca Maria Canepa, for showing my design.

Fb event link

Place “Tuiù – valorizza il tuo spazio”  link

My jewellery design "Equality"
My jewellery design “Equality”

Preparing the exhibition “Terra Provocata”

A look into the ours preparations of an exhibition Terra provocataMy week of moving, painting and caring, experience of press release and photo documentation of the exhibition opening. My great experience of learning about creation of big exhibitions.

The exhibition Terra provocata. Perception of the material and concept in the material takes origin from this dialogue between Art and Ceramics. It is promoted by Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna in collaboration with Istituzione Bologna Musei/Museo Civico Medievale and Museo Carlo Zauli in Faenza and is curated by Matteo Zauli and Guido Molinari. January 24th – March 20th 2016, Bologna 

Photos from opening on fb of Museo Carlo Zauli link

Exhibition catalogue available here

FabLab Faenza and me

FabLab Faenza is a open place, run by group young designers, where it’s possible to work over own designs. Especially, they are interested in 3d printers, and their headquarters is next to the Museo Carlo Zauli, where I work, So I thought, ” why not to try and make a 3d printed model?”

For the good start, I decided to find out if different proportions would be better to produce and to use my aloe cup. Printing the model was ok. Then, while creating the molds from the 3d printed models, I thought that working with plaster is easier. The lined surface had to be polish with some toxic resin and then polish by hand, so it would be smooth and easy to take the mold out. I invented to use the plasticine for that, but still, it gives not perfect results. Well, good that they working on developing a 3d printer for ceramics.

FabLab Faenza website link

Finissage of Jonathan Monk Claymation

Two months after opening, the finissage of Clamation with presentation of the catalogue. Exhibition, which weekly I was giving a guidance tour to visiting guests, and catalogue in which were use my photos! On the event, the student’s of curator course prepared videos about Carlo Zauli works presented in the museum. I also helped in display of Museum’s leaflets prepared by students of Fine Art Academy of Bologna.


Nel cartone

The idea was born from the South American cartoneros. In Buenos Aires, after the economic crisis of 2001, hundreds of people left without jobs began to collect paper, metal, glass and other recyclable items. They started to be called “Cartoneros” and became a true example of self-organization. In 2003, “Eloísa Cartonera”, a publishing house started to used those cardboards for binding books. Each copy was decorated in strange covers, making each piece a unique and original. A idea of this publication has provided the opportunity for unknown authors to be published, as well as for renowned authors to reach a more diverse audience.

This year, in Bologna, an Associazione Amici di Piazza Grande, had invited artists, student and friends of association to create the covers for the books, which many writers and journalists has written especially for this project. I got used cardboards, cut in size, and my assignment was to decorate them in my own free way, only to put somewhere “NEL CARTONE” on each of them. Later, the association collected them and put inside the cardboards stories, and sell them for the charity. I’m very proud to donate my projects to that 1000 pieces limited edition.

Associazione Amici di Piazza Grande link

Eloísa Cartonera link

Jonathan Monk Claymation – preparation and exhibition opening

Museo Carlo Zauli each year invites a contemporary artist to create for the first time an art pieces in ceramic, to continue the Carlo Zauli work’s in expansion the perception of contemporary ceramic. This year invited artist was Jonathan Monk, a British born conceptual artist, who works in Berlin and Rome. I had a chance to documentary the finishing of creation of Jonathan in Carlo Zauli’s studios, which began in July. In the process were also engaged the students of Fine Art Academias of Bologna and Ravenna, as a part of the Curators course prepared by Museum.

At the 6th of October, in Museo Carlo Zauli room’s, there was opening of exhibition, the summarization of his Artists Residency. This experience gave me a look into work of residency programme, setting an exhibition and glimpses of an international art world.

About Jonathan’s others works link

Museo Carlo Zauli link

Beginning of my next experience: Museo Carlo Zauli

On the 1st of September I started an intership at  Museo Carlo Zauli in Faenza, Italy. This experience will last till the end of Feburary.

Beginnings are always difficult: from finding a flat, choosing the right short-term internet deal, to meeting new people and understanding the values and habits of the place… Luckily, my Italian seems not so bad so I can more enjoy than feel lost.

My first assignment as an intern was to take part in “FREE D PORCELAIN” jewellery workshop directed by Cristina D’Alberto & Fab Lab Faenza, which was took place at the museum. During it, I was designing and making my own set of jewellery and also capturing the processes of the whole course in a photoreport. It was a wonderful and absorbing experience, and a surprisingly difficult one. I had the chance to work with paper porcelain as well with 3D print for the first time in my life. In 5 short days, each of lovely participants and I made an unique work, which in a normal situation would take much more time. On the last day we showed our jewellery to the public.