Updates so far

Last months were a very important time for the development of my ceramics.

I started working at the studio in Via Paolo Ferrari 94, Modena. I focused on the development of the Tri-Angle series (it took me 6 months to perfect the saucer!) and new patterns for it. I continued creating aloe bianca and I started new designs and artpieces. These were months of stocking everything in boxes and waiting for firing… Until my new ceramic kiln arrived!

In thist time I prepared for my first exhibition in Italy, which will take place at SolimeneArt in Cava de’ Tirreni (Salerno) between 26.05 and 23.06.2018.

I look forward to telling you more about the progress of “Karolina Bednorz Ceramics”! I’ll keep you posted!




HOMI Milano, 26-29.01.2018

Rho Milan Fair – HOMI Fair – 26-29.01.2018

The fair is focus on “THE LIFESTYLE TRADE FAIR”. This edition gather something around 82.000 visitors and 1463 companies. Fair represents mostly Italian market (80%) but also other participants of 39 countries (mainly Spain, France, Germany, Greek, India). Next to tableware sector, there were also interesting textiles, fashion, accessories, gifts, Christmas holidays (as I noticed, Easter is not so much visible commercial holiday in Italy). I have a pleasure to took some inspirations, photos and connections, like with inspiring SolimeneArt, wonderful porcelain from VEROlabshop, and my “neighbor” from Bologna MarcellaRenna.

From sections in fair I enjoyed tableware and textiles and sections of  HOMI Materials Culture, HOMI Creazioni, Daunoacento (“FromOneToOneHundred”).

Wonderful break was a walk through “Sensual Labirynt”, where attention could be activated not only by products, but also with image, touch, smell and sound.

Next edition is between 14 – 17 September 2018. Here below are some of my photos:


Congress “Ceramic Values” / Stoke-on-Trent, UK

A bit of points of my travel to Stoke-on-Trent in October 2017:

One: I, Wendy Ward and Sabrina Vasulka presented our group  (us with Maria Juchnowska, Monika Muller and Rhianon Erwing-James) yearly achievments of Future Lights 2016/2017 to new Future Lights 2017/2018 Ambassadors for European Ceramics and our cadency ceesed to exist. It was a great experience to see all next finalists of the competition and their works.




Second: We presented as a group our view and experiences as young ceramists designers and artists to Congress “Ceramic Values”. I was very nervous to speak to audience from ceramics field all around EU and beyond…




Third: British Ceramics Biennal which is must to visit and see if you are in ceramics! Great commisions works of ceramics artist, “Fresh” competition, instalations, people, factory tours into Stoke industry… ❤





I didn’t have time to see half the things I planned, so I have to come back to Stoke once again!

On the end: from Dudson Factory (“Defining dining”) video of dancing bowls:


Around “Ceramic Values” Congress in Stoke-On-Trent, UK

Exciting October! I’m getting ready to travel to Stoke-On-Trent, UK, to give two talks!

One is for finishing the year of wonderful experience of being an ambassador of ceramics thanks to Future Lights Competition. We will welcome new group of Future Lights 2017/2018 winners and summarize with Sabrina Vasulka and Wendy Ward our own achievements Future Lights 2016/2017 from this year.

Second talk, on the 6th October, will be during “Ceramic Values” Congress. The Congress will take place at The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery and British Ceramics Biennial in Stoke-on-Trent, UK, from 5 to 6 October 2017.

The Congress, led by Ulster University, aims to add to the debate about the value and role of ceramics in society and will present the full range of in-depth findings of the project’s 10 module teams since 2015.

Together with Wendy Ward, Rhiannon Ewing-James, Sabrina VA, Monika Muller, Mari JJ Design and we will discuss and share our experiences in topic “Building a career in Ceramics”. Please, register here and come to hear us:

“Ceramic Values” Congress Programme: Ceramic Values E-Programme On the page 37 is our talk!

Do not miss this opportunity to visit British Ceramics Biennial. Especially, as all marvellous things comes together, “Shaping the Future” exhibition is there too! Exhibition travelled from the Millennium Court Arts Centre in Portadown, Northern Ireland to Stoke-on-Trent and is open there from 23rd September 2017 till. Next to new ideas from long list of masters of ceramics and other fellow ambassadors of Future Lights, is my “Tri-Angles” series. I’m honoured!

See you soon in Stoke!

Meissen interview

How to talk about porcelain project made in Meissen with german subtitles? Just like that:

It is me talking about amazing creative experience and projects I prepared at Meissen during #futurelights workshops.

I can’t wait to see others talk of designers of “Future Lights in Ceramics” competition: Sabrina VA, Rhiannon Ewing-James, Wendy Ward, Maria Juchnowska and Monika Müller!

My participation in the workshops was possible thanks to being chosen as one of the winners of international competition “Future Lights” organized by european project Ceramics and its Dimensions, guided by Porzellanikon.

Meissen work

I had a pleasure to take part in workshops at the Meissen Manufacture, the place of the origin of the European porcelain!

I spent 10 days learning and working with their porcelain and they staff, each moment grew my amazement for this high quality porcelain production! And gosh, what a Museum they have!

I managed to work on two projects: art and design. My “art” is inspired by the Meissen original figurines but with a more contemporary look: a hipster. Design part focused on creating a vase, which in form resembles the wave and on its sides are painted fishes. Here are some photos of me working there – I’m happy about them too because finally I got some decent photos of myself working 🙂



It’s very important to mention the huge help, enthusiasm and hostility I recived of the incredibly talented Meissen workers during preparation of those projects! Thank You!

My participation in the workshops was possible thanks to being chosen as one of the winners of “Future Lights in Ceramics” competition organized by european project Ceramics and its Dimensions​, guided by Porzellanikon​. My incredibly talented co-winners: Sabrina Vasulka​, Rhiannon Ewing-James​, Wendy Ward​, Maria Juchnowska​ and Monika Müller!

Currently the projects are going under firing processes and I hope to soon receive more news about them!

Ambiente Show 2017

Summary of our presence at Ambiente Show 2017 in Frankfurt am Main, which took part between February 10th-14th 2017, Hall 4.2 Booth FOY07 registered under our main organizer Porzellanikon – Staatliches Museum für Porzellan, and we were sponsored, among others, by Meissen.

I was there together exhibiting with these fantastic designers: Rhiannon Ewing-James (UK/Northern Ireland), Sabrina Vasulka (Argentina/UK), Maria Juchnowska (Poland/Norway), Monika Muller (Switzerland/UK), Wendy Ward (Northern Ireland), because we won an international “Future Lights” Competition, a part of a huge UE project called “Ceramics and it’s Dimensions”

It was HUGE, far bigger from what I was imagining. Lot of inspirations and ideas, what’s more, super support from the group for the next moves. I loved how it was easy to see and talk directly about ceramics and products, with people who knew everything about them – so less tiring and more fun than stalking websites… Thanks to all those people who appreciated my works, to my new collaborators! What a power to continue what I started, thanks!

Our works:

Some inspirations found at others pavilions:

Check my projects out at Ambiente!


Check my projects under my new brand “Studio Splendor” at Ambiente Fair, Frankfurt am Main, 10th -14th February 2017, Hall 4.2 Booth FOYO7.

I’m presenting with talented ceramic designers: Rhiannon Ewing-James, Maria Joanna Juchnowska, Monika Müller, Sabrina Vasulka and Wendy Ward.

Our exhibitor, Porzellanikon, is presenting the Future Lights in Ceramics 2016/2017:
Future Lights in Ceramics stand for innovative and creative young artist, designers, art historians, historians and scientis. Their work has been selected as outstanding in its modern approach.
The competition is part of the Ceramics and its Dimensions projects founded by the EU within the Creative Europe programme and led by Porzellanikon. This year the Future Lights were also sponsored by Staatliche Porzellan – Manufaktur Meissen GmbH.

Please come and see our ceramics!


Those last weeks were extremely challenging: organizing materials, time, space, finding kiln (thank you, Rosa Bagnaresi and A.L.B.A. Bologna!). Just to mention some activities: choosing old and creating  new projects, castings, cleaning, double firing, decorating… In other conditions it would take some months, but being chosen as Future Lights gave me a huge kick and push to create!

It wasn’t easy, I had many moments of weakness and stress, so I would like to thank those who keep me up and support me. Thank you!

There will be more news to follow, until then, please see some photos from the process below.