Congress “Ceramic Values” / Stoke-on-Trent, UK

A bit of points of my travel to Stoke-on-Trent in October 2017:

One: I, Wendy Ward and Sabrina Vasulka presented our group  (us with Maria Juchnowska, Monika Muller and Rhianon Erwing-James) yearly achievments of Future Lights 2016/2017 to new Future Lights 2017/2018 Ambassadors for European Ceramics and our cadency ceesed to exist. It was a great experience to see all next finalists of the competition and their works.




Second: We presented as a group our view and experiences as young ceramists designers and artists to Congress “Ceramic Values”. I was very nervous to speak to audience from ceramics field all around EU and beyond…




Third: British Ceramics Biennal which is must to visit and see if you are in ceramics! Great commisions works of ceramics artist, “Fresh” competition, instalations, people, factory tours into Stoke industry… ❤





I didn’t have time to see half the things I planned, so I have to come back to Stoke once again!

On the end: from Dudson Factory (“Defining dining”) video of dancing bowls:


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