Meissen work

I had a pleasure to take part in workshops at the Meissen Manufacture, the place of the origin of the European porcelain!

I spent 10 days learning and working with their porcelain and they staff, each moment grew my amazement for this high quality porcelain production! And gosh, what a Museum they have!

I managed to work on two projects: art and design. My “art” is inspired by the Meissen original figurines but with a more contemporary look: a hipster. Design part focused on creating a vase, which in form resembles the wave and on its sides are painted fishes. Here are some photos of me working there – I’m happy about them too because finally I got some decent photos of myself working 🙂



It’s very important to mention the huge help, enthusiasm and hostility I recived of the incredibly talented Meissen workers during preparation of those projects! Thank You!

My participation in the workshops was possible thanks to being chosen as one of the winners of “Future Lights in Ceramics” competition organized by european project Ceramics and its Dimensions​, guided by Porzellanikon​. My incredibly talented co-winners: Sabrina Vasulka​, Rhiannon Ewing-James​, Wendy Ward​, Maria Juchnowska​ and Monika Müller!

Currently the projects are going under firing processes and I hope to soon receive more news about them!

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