Ambiente Show 2017

Summary of our presence at Ambiente Show 2017 in Frankfurt am Main, which took part between February 10th-14th 2017, Hall 4.2 Booth FOY07 registered under our main organizer Porzellanikon – Staatliches Museum für Porzellan, and we were sponsored, among others, by Meissen.

I was there together exhibiting with these fantastic designers: Rhiannon Ewing-James (UK/Northern Ireland), Sabrina Vasulka (Argentina/UK), Maria Juchnowska (Poland/Norway), Monika Muller (Switzerland/UK), Wendy Ward (Northern Ireland), because we won an international “Future Lights” Competition, a part of a huge UE project called “Ceramics and it’s Dimensions”

It was HUGE, far bigger from what I was imagining. Lot of inspirations and ideas, what’s more, super support from the group for the next moves. I loved how it was easy to see and talk directly about ceramics and products, with people who knew everything about them – so less tiring and more fun than stalking websites… Thanks to all those people who appreciated my works, to my new collaborators! What a power to continue what I started, thanks!

Our works:

Some inspirations found at others pavilions:

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