Check my projects out at Ambiente!


Check my projects under my new brand “Studio Splendor” at Ambiente Fair, Frankfurt am Main, 10th -14th February 2017, Hall 4.2 Booth FOYO7.

I’m presenting with talented ceramic designers: Rhiannon Ewing-James, Maria Joanna Juchnowska, Monika Müller, Sabrina Vasulka and Wendy Ward.

Our exhibitor, Porzellanikon, is presenting the Future Lights in Ceramics 2016/2017:
Future Lights in Ceramics stand for innovative and creative young artist, designers, art historians, historians and scientis. Their work has been selected as outstanding in its modern approach.
The competition is part of the Ceramics and its Dimensions projects founded by the EU within the Creative Europe programme and led by Porzellanikon. This year the Future Lights were also sponsored by Staatliche Porzellan – Manufaktur Meissen GmbH.

Please come and see our ceramics!


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