Future Lights Ceramic Competition in Finland

On the beginning of November I had taken part in an amazing meeting held in Fiskars Village, Finland.
The purpose of this party was: for 18 invited participants from the whole Europe (as me) to presents themselves while for the dignitary judges to find 6 young ambassadors of European ceramics for 2016/2017.
So I presented my activities in ceramics, especially my projects which connects the tradition with the modern ways of productions (which is the main theme for this year edition of the competition). I was soooo nervous! I also brought with me to show 3 of my Tri-Angles cups.
It was completely beautiful, not only by the scene of Finnish small village covered with snow, but mostly for meeting so many people burning with the same passion for ceramics. I think it was for me a life changing experience.

If you wonder, as me, why we were invited to distant Fiskars? Well, the village was a centre of birth of Fiskars brand some like 200 years ago, and today it is a beautiful centre for craftsmen and artists. It’s cool

The Future Lights Ceramics Competition LINK  is a part of European Programme of “Ceramics and its dimensions”.  LINK


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