Nel cartone

The idea was born from the South American cartoneros. In Buenos Aires, after the economic crisis of 2001, hundreds of people left without jobs began to collect paper, metal, glass and other recyclable items. They started to be called “Cartoneros” and became a true example of self-organization. In 2003, “Eloísa Cartonera”, a publishing house started to used those cardboards for binding books. Each copy was decorated in strange covers, making each piece a unique and original. A idea of this publication has provided the opportunity for unknown authors to be published, as well as for renowned authors to reach a more diverse audience.

This year, in Bologna, an Associazione Amici di Piazza Grande, had invited artists, student and friends of association to create the covers for the books, which many writers and journalists has written especially for this project. I got used cardboards, cut in size, and my assignment was to decorate them in my own free way, only to put somewhere “NEL CARTONE” on each of them. Later, the association collected them and put inside the cardboards stories, and sell them for the charity. I’m very proud to donate my projects to that 1000 pieces limited edition.

Associazione Amici di Piazza Grande link

Eloísa Cartonera link

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