Beginning of my next experience: Museo Carlo Zauli

On the 1st of September I started an intership at  Museo Carlo Zauli in Faenza, Italy. This experience will last till the end of Feburary.

Beginnings are always difficult: from finding a flat, choosing the right short-term internet deal, to meeting new people and understanding the values and habits of the place… Luckily, my Italian seems not so bad so I can more enjoy than feel lost.

My first assignment as an intern was to take part in “FREE D PORCELAIN” jewellery workshop directed by Cristina D’Alberto & Fab Lab Faenza, which was took place at the museum. During it, I was designing and making my own set of jewellery and also capturing the processes of the whole course in a photoreport. It was a wonderful and absorbing experience, and a surprisingly difficult one. I had the chance to work with paper porcelain as well with 3D print for the first time in my life. In 5 short days, each of lovely participants and I made an unique work, which in a normal situation would take much more time. On the last day we showed our jewellery to the public.

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